Self Care Doesn’t Make You Selfish

As women, we tend to take care of everyone else around us before we take the time to take care of ourselves. If you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself running around with your large to do list, putting off the things you need to do most to ensure your body is provided for, like eating a nutritious meal, exercising or getting valuable rest. Then something happens that makes you feel like you’ve run into a brick wall. You get the flu or injure yourself. It’s like a sign where your body is reminding you (and giving you no other option) to rest and take care of yourself. Women naturally have nurturing tendencies and we tend to run ourselves thin until we’ve hit this brick wall. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to care for those around you. However, we need to fill ourselves up first before we can fully take care of those we love.


You can’t fill up others when your cup is empty.

When we are running on fumes, we aren’t fully taking care of others at our best. If you’re running on 2 hours of sleep and trying to take care of your children the next day, your energy levels are a lot lower than they would be if you had gotten a full 8 hours of sleep. If we take care of ourselves first and provide our bodies with what we need, everyone benefits! You have more energy to play with your kids, you’re in a much better mood and you get more things done. When I allow myself to be taken care of first, I know it prevents me from being bitter when I’m taking care of others.

Self care doesn’t make you selfish. It means you respect yourself enough to ensure you have the things you need. It increases the relationship with yourself and keeps you healthy. Self care helps you live a full life and isn’t that what we all want?!

The number one misconception around self care is that it has to be time consuming. NO WAY. Self care is whatever you make it. Sometimes, my version of self care is taking an hour nap. On other days, it might be taking a bath or putting together a quick, 10 minute healthy meal. The possibilities for self care are endless. I promise, if you give yourself 20 minutes a day where you focus purely on you and doing something you love, you will notice a difference in your life. It might not be gigantic, but it will be there.

If you’re wondering “How on earth am I suppose to find time to care for myself when I have a billion things on my to do list?”, just start small! Start with what you can do. Can you spare 10 minutes to throw together a salad or read your favorite book? Start anywhere, it all counts!

I challenge you to find 10 minutes a day where you can focus on you and do something that fills you up! Leave your feedback and experience in the comments.

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