DIY Self Care Kit

When I made a new self care routine for the new year that I was determined to start implementing in my life, I wanted to have something I could use as a regular reminder to practice self care. I wanted to have one spot I could go to for extra love for myself when I needed it. This is when I created my first DIY Self Care Kit. The best part about a Self Care Kit is it really can be anything you make it. It is custom to you and the ways you choose to practice self care. What cheers you up? These are the things you want to capture in your DIY Self Care Kit.

First, start with a cute container to hold all of your Self Care items in. The container can be anything you want, but make it something that brings good thoughts. It could be your favorite color or have a quote that you love taped on the outside. It could be an old tote that you don’t use anymore, but holds great memories from previous beach vacations. It can be anything you want to make it. Mine is a clothe storage tote that says Love on the outside. It is a reminder for me to love myself.

Now, it’s time for the fun part. What should you put in your DIY Self Care Kit? I believe the options are really endless. You can put anything in here you like. I have included ideas below to give you some inspiration on what can go in your Self Care Kit.

Self Care Kit

When thinking of what items to put in your own Self Care Kit, make sure that they bring you joy. That is the only requirement for building the Kit. The purpose of the Self Care Kit is being your pick me up when you need it. It’s a Kit that helps you love yourself and take care of you first.

I have included some examples below of items that I have in my own Self Care Kit that have made a big difference in my own self care routine:

  1. Young Living Essential Oils and a Diffuser

    Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender are my current go to oils. These have become a huge part of my self care routine. I put Lavender in my baths and to help me sleep. Peppermint has been incredible for helping when I have headaches. 


2. Bath & Body Works Almond & Vanilla Olive Oil Body Cream

This stuff has been life changing for my skin. When I am wanting to pamper myself, it is the first thing I grab. Pick a lotion or body cream that has a scent that you love for some extra self care! (I believe this particular Body Cream has been discontinued, but there are a huge variety of other great body creams to choose from).


3. Younique Royalty Detoxifying Mask

One of my favorite methods of self care is face masks. There is something calming about sitting back with a face mask on, knowing you’re taking care of your skin. This particular mask makes my skin feel extra smooth and soft when I’m done. I use it weekly.


4. Bath Products!

I was never much of a bath taker until a family member recently got me these Mayfair bath products for Christmas. It was the perfect addition to my new self care routine. Taking a bath has become one of my favorite ways to practice self care. A great sugar scrub, bubble bath and salts are the perfect way to make a bath extra special.



What will you be putting in your own DIY Self Care Kit?

Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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